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Oral Exam at Oakwood Family Dental Clinic

Oakwood Family Dental Clinic has grown to provide a world class facility for the treatment of tooth loss, dental oral health, dental cosmetics and advanced restorative dentistry near Buford, Gainesville, GA. An oral exam, commonly referred to as a dental checkup. Our Dentist and dental hygienist perfom complete Oral Exam in Oakwood, Braselton, Buford, Flowery Branch, GA

Oral Exam at Oakwood Family Dental Clinic in Oakwood, GA

The Oral Exam is a systematic process during which our dentist will investigate many facts of your oral and systemic health in order to identify pathologies or concerns and develop a uniquely customized treatment plan that is catered towards maximizing your oral health while meeting your goals and expectations.

The Complete Oral Exam is critical to your ongoing oral health. It consists, in part, of the Dentist looking inside your mouth for things that can affect your oral – and your overall – health. The Complete Oral Exam can catch problems early before you see or feel them and when they are much easier and less expensive to treat. Here is some of what our Dentist and Dental Hygienist will be looking for during your Complete Oral Exam:
• Early signs of cavities
• Damaged, missing, or decayed teeth
• Early signs of mouth or throat cancer, such as white lesions or blocked salivary glands
• To see how previous dental work such as root canals, fillings and crowns are holding up
• Condition of your gums, such as periodontal pockets, inflammation, or other signs of gum disease
• Signs that you clench or grind your teeth
• Position of your teeth (e.g. spacing, bite)
• The overall health and function of your temporomandibular joint
• Other suspicious growths or cysts
• The overall condition of the bones in your face, jaw and around your mouth

A Complete Oral Exam should be performed by our dentist and dental hygienist every three to five years depending on your oral health. All new patients to Oakwood Family Dental will have a Complete Oral Exam at their first visit and then every three to five years after depending on individual need.